The Atlantic | 24th February 2018

Italy and the Rest of Europe Fight With “Fake News”

The Atlantic spoke with Lie Detectors for this great story on fake news, the Italian elections and the future of Europe.

Podcast: AFP’s The Europeans | 24th January 2018

Fake snus

The Europeans, the new political AFP podcast, interviewed Lie Detectors founder Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck about how to tackle fake news in classrooms, and about the efforts in this field by the European Commission’s High Level Expert Group on Fake News, of which Lie Detectors is a member. The Lie Detectors segment runs from 10:10 to 19:20.

VIDEO: Leipzig Festival of Light | 1st December 2017

Excellent clip of this year’s Leipzig Festival of Light, commemorating the city’s role as a centre of dissidence under Communism. Lie Detectors founder Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck was lucky to be invited to speak before an audience of 15,000 about journalists’ role in rebuilding trust in facts. Some soundbites from 01:55.

EURACTIV | 24th November 2017

The trouble with fighting fakes with facts

King Baudouin Foundation US | 22nd October 2017

Detecting fake news with Lie Detectors

M – Menschen Machen Medien | 16th June 2017

Schulprojekt: Mit Check gegen Fake-News

Press Releases


Evens Foundation, Sarajevo | 21st September 2017

Media Meets Literacy in Sarajevo

LIE DETECTORS was excited to present its concept at the Media Meets Literacy conference, which was opened by luminaries Evgeny Morozov and Megan Boler and included dozens of participants from around the world working in dynamic, creative ways to address the challenges of a changing media world.